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A mix of nsfw, crack, fluff, angst, etc.


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There’s so many rpers that I miss omg

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wildfires-and-callgirls asked:
"Tyson.... I wanna ask you something."


He rubbed sleep from his eyes as he sipped some coffee.  ”Shoot.”

Thena cupped her small hands around her own mug, twirling it as if she was nervous. “Well.” She started, “I’ve been thinking a lot about it, and I think that we should move in together.”

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glitchexmachina asked:
Take me (Our Verse)



21. "Don’t you think it would be fun to have sex somewhere public?"

"Ah, well that’s different then," he replied.  "We’d have to talk about that…"

"Okay, then. Let’s talk." She said, swaying his hand that she held. 

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Wrong (or right) Number 


Jack’s lips traveled towards her breasts once she pulled away her bra; he kissed the skin before sucking on one of her nipples as his fingers pinched the other softly; a small moan tried to escape his lips as she started stroking him. Jack moved his hand away from her breasts towards the hem of her underwear as she touched him; he kissed the space between her breasts only to move away down her stomach as he slowly pushed down her panties while kissing her thighs.

Thena’s head went back against the bed when she felt his mouth on her sensitive nipple, his fingers pinching the other. A soft moan escaped her lips in the pleasure. Once his cock was out of reach, Thena’s hands went above her head. Her breathing was ragged in the quiet hush of the night. She lifted her bottom and legs to better help her garment be pushed off. All she had on now were her knee-highs and heels. Thena let a hand go to his hair, her fingers tangling in the strands. “Mmh…”

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Put “Claimed” In my ask box and I’ll generate a number below. NSFW Version

8. Rough Sex

"Well, well, Ty. Let’s see how that goes shall we?"

He was in the process of making the pizza dough when she put her arms around his waist and rested on his back.  Her thumbs rubbed his stomach gently as a warm smile spread on his face.  He really wished he had initiated this.  He wished he could initiate things like this.  But there were two problems.  One, he was a scatterbrained inventor who could barely tie his own shoes without a gadget to do it.  He just had a lot of ideas and everywhere to put them.  The second was more personal.  It took him a while to get to this point, but he wasn’t fully back yet.  Not after what happened…

Thena waited for a while, just holding him. She enjoyed the warmth of other human beings. It was like a blanket on a cold day. 

"Are you okay?" She mumbled against his back. 

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this-dirty-vixen asked:
"Take Me."
"I don’t want you to be gentle…I want you to be rough with me"
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